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It is ?Christmas? time

Christmas lights

If you do something…do it crazy ? awesome.

About 4 weeks ago, my friend and I were watching my neighbors put up Christmas lights. This went on for days.


I chuckled at first, completely oblivious to the vision that the home owner had for his Christmas light presentation. It comes complete with animatronic deer, light-sync to music on his own radio music broadcast at 97.3Khz, a huge Christmas tree with lit presents underneath, a snowman and candy canes.

He gave me a tour of the tech, which includes a multitude of sensors, at least 4 transmitters, controls and software that he used to program everything himself.

Music for the lights
FM 97.3Khz

Built on a foundation of innovation

During the off-Christmas season, the stantion for the Christmas tree presents the beautiful colors of the United States ??, and get this: He has a sensor from the mail box that lights an LED on the top of the pole when he has mail.

How cool is that?

You can check this out on Google Maps and Street View, as I have built a Virtual Tour constellation for this outstanding effort, but you should really see ? – and hear ? – this in person. Just roll up 3150 South in Syracuse from Bluff across from Jensen Nature Preserve.

Great lights

Merry Christmas!

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