Cool things upcoming in iOS 10 | Mail preview on the lock screen

Let us say you are on the lock screen…

And you have some notifications:

lock screen
mail alerts on the lock screen

Obviously we don’t care about the Google cloud platform keynote in Asia, but splitting tomato atoms with a kitchen knife on Quora sounds really interesting. So we swipe right-to-left on that item:

tomato atoms
Mmmm…forbidden tomato atoms…

From here, we can clear the alert ?, or we can view it. Let’s select view:

A peek into mail.

The effective result is a peek into the mail item without ever having to unlock the screen, wait for the app-rain animation, opening mail and finding the item. 


Apple wants you to get used to doing things on the lock screen ?. The more you do things the more comfortable you feel doing them. And there is something very important that Cupertino wants you to feel comfortable doing on the lock screen:

thats right
Apple Pay

That’s right.


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