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The Thin Blue Line

Art contest

Earlier this month, Missouri Democrat congressman Lacy Clay (D), hung a painting in the Capitol Hill hallway. The painting, that depicts police officers as pigs, was created by a high school student in the Democrat Congressmans district, after the student, ‘won’ an, ‘art contest’.

‘Art’ contest ‘winner’


Earlier this week, Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter (R) from California, took offense to the painting, removed it from the Capitol Hill wall and transported the painting to the office of the Democrat who put it there, Lacy Clay (D). Clay re-hung the painting a few hours later.

The next day, Colorado congressman, Doug Lamborn (R) again removed the painting, and returned it to the office of Democrat Lacy Clay.

The Democrat hung the painting later that day.

After being hung up again, the painting was removed by Reps. Brian Babin (R-Texas) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.)

Clay then told on the republicans, by complaining to Speaker Paul Ryan (R).

Ass wipe
Ass kicker Cedric Richmond, (D) New Orleans

A New Orleans Democrat, Cedric Richmond who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus reportedly issued an expletive-laden threat to Republican lawmakers, stating:

‘We may just have to kick somebody’s ass and stop them.’

It is not clear if any of the Republicans involved actually have donkeys, but kicking one might constitute abuse of an animal.


As of this morning, the painting has been augmented by the Flag of The United States, thin-blue-line edition.

Congress cops as pigs painting

Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Month

Here in Utah, it is LEO Appreciation Month. If you happen to come across a police officer, tell them how much you appreciate their service. Buy them a coke, or a donut…or perhaps even give them a hug.

After all, if a Democrat Congressman comes to your house to kick your ass, the police are the ones you will call to keep your animals safe from tyranny.

Sources: Politico, Fox News

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