What the what?

Russian Embassy punks Obama Shortly after the President of the United States of America gave 35 Russian ‘operatives’ 72 hours to piss-off, the verified Twitter account of the U.K. Russian Embassy retaliated… With humor: Is humor really the best medicine? You decide. I’m too busy concentrating on not swallowing my tongue. ? […]

Russia retaliates after Obama presses the eject button loaded with ...

Apparently, even the text string “Galaxy Note 7” isn’t allowed on flights. BBC is reporting that some Mensa decided to board a plane with a wireless device broadcasting an SSID named, “Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097”, causing a disruption mid-flight.  This caused the crew to become concerned as Galaxy Note 7’s have […]

Fake Galaxy Note 7 WIFI SSID disrupts Virgin flight | ...

Help drowning refugees with your iPhone App claimed it would crowd source refugee spotting “The app pretended to distribute satellite imagery to smartphone users so they can “flag” suspicious ships, in the hope that one of the users might spot boats full of refugees—as if an untrained eye can distinguish […]

iPhone is the smartphone of choice for refugee spotting