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  Microsoft back-door screwed the pooch Microsoft back-door screwed the pooch And this pooch cannot be unscrewed Ben over at 9to5 Mac wrote a great piece about OEM’s who build back-doors – in the context of the incident in San Bernadino. I’ve good some advice for any OEM who believes […]

Microsoft just back-door screwed the pooch

 Windows Mobile users despise being developer-insignificant Petition at gains 100k supporters We are all disappointed in Microsoft for their lackadaisical effort on Windows 10 mobile.  After selling off Nokia, purchasing Linked-In and developing a camera application for iOS, you would think Microsoft just doesn’t seem to like their own […]

Mobile Economic Justice | 100K WinMo users petition Pokémon development

   Ok. So it’s vapor-ware. Currently in the process of being crowd-funded on indiegogo, the Nurve Sync-Phone  promises to be the worlds most versatile smartphone.  If successful, it would definitely raise the bar for performance and functionality. Usability and User Experience?  We will have to wait and see. They are […]

Oh the Nurve! | Full Windows 10 on a phone