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3 years and a half-billion dollars later, changes are coming The Situation Google/Alphabet is loaded. They have a lot of cash, and even more ambition. But what is it they are trying to achieve? When you ponder the Goog and their agenda, the first things you realize is how complicated […]

Google rethinks satellite imaging and space based internet strategy | ...

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Android had 257 more issued CVE patches than Adobe Flash Despite The Goog’s generous bug smacking bounties, Android still ranked #1 as the most buggy product in 2016 in the context of patches issued to Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits: Adobe is the buggiest OEM in the Universe Let your heart […]

Android wins 2016 most vulnerable product award | Comparison

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US Election hacking should be a non-partisan issue for EVERY American   That is a fact. It doesn’t…it shouldn’t…matter what your political ideology is. It shouldn’t matter who you wanted to win – or who you wanted to lose – in the presidential election. No American should stand for any […]

US Election hacking should be a non-partisan issue for EVERY ...

Silent Citcle is what Google could have been if Android was customer focused first. Even though their devices and subscriptions are geared toward the mobile enterprise, their philosophy and the Apple philosophy about why the Administrator of mobile enterprise devices should be user-centric in the areas where private user information […]

How secure is the iPhone compared to the Black Phone ...

How will always trump what I thought this was an excellent piece from, comparing Pixel and iPhone. Not a product comparison…but a philosophical contrast. How the vision behind each product makes a huge difference on performance, life-cycle, sustainment and eco-system revenue generation: Waging a Smartphone War At first […]

On Google V. Apple | Owning the hardware

Blackberry doubled down on their new strategy of being a mobile technology engineering company that does not engineer mobile technology.  Not only does the new ‘Blackberry’ DTEK50 deploy an operating system that isn’t a blackberry product (Android…although John Chen likes to fancy that it is a BB’ized Android spin), but now […]

The new Blackberry DTEK50 doesn’t rise to the level of ...