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The best version of you

What makes people, “Good People”? Do you consider yourself a good person? What makes you choose the, “right” things to do?

In the philosophical concept of why we are here and what calibrates moral compass, many believe there were 2 contracts on the table when the decision was made. One was based on 100% compliance through direction, the other based on choice and free agency.

Whether or not you subscribe to either or neither isn’t really the point. The culture that we live in demands that you be a decent person. But when are you a decent person? Can anything be done by your peers to make you a better person? What if you still had your agency…but an environment was created so that you could never tell a lie, be deceptive…or be alone.

It is an interesting concept. However it has one liability, the truest freedom will always be not giving a **** what other people think of you.


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