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Apple talks a lot about developers in WWDC, but also kills a lot of third-party apps with its own. Isn’t it ironical?

Jason Yeaman:

So Apple shouldn’t be allowed to compete on their own platform? Do you know how many Maps programs don’t even get looked at on the play store because Google Maps is a tier 1 service and is free?

Google would never….never ever ever ever let an engagement platform for personal data collection in the guise of a turn by turn maps application in the Play Store. They are the only ones who are allowed to harvest and sell private search and app data.

People are actually feeling sorry for Google, Spotify and Flipboard? Because of competition? Apple allows these Billion dollar companies to have access to their customers who happen to belong to an ecosystem groomed to spend money. By any stretch of the definition, the market of iOS users was created by Apple. They are Apples customer. The probability of dollars to be spent belongs to Apple. So what do they do? Instead of locking everyone out of the resource reaping…like Google does…they let people compete for their customers money.

Google would never let HTC or Samsung or ANYONE collect private search and app use data, trend it and sell it to advertisers.  They can’t even do it on THE HANDSETS THEY ENGINEERED! Why? Because Google says Android users personal and private data belongs to GOOGLE. Only GOOGLE can make billions off of selling people’s privacy harvested on:

google uses android for user data harvesting
Pizzazz……plz can have more private data….data plzzzz

Why doesn’t Google let you or me steal datapoints generated by Android users behavior while using applications? Why doesn’t Google let someone else make a billion or two by making an application that is really fun to use, but its purpose is to record what the user is doing while they use it…so they can get target marketed with SlapChops, Ugg Boots and Cherries Berries?

Why can’t other companies scan their users mail, business documents, messaging transmissions and data calls to find out what they are doing and thinking and saying and typing and then create some magic coupons and go to companies like OxyClean, MagicJack and the LED powered Chicken Rotisserie and say,

Google: Hey guys…we have something for you. We know people who are looking to buy from your competition, and they are ready to buy. Why don’t you pay me and I’ll tell you who it is and what they have been saying…and YOU can sell them instead?

They can say yes or no. If they say no, it gets sold to the competition. If they say yes they get the sale. Either way, Google gets paid.

Why doesn’t Google let someone else in on some of that action?

If you want to feel sorry for someone, give pity where pity is due:
Those who are too ignorant to realize Google gives them Maps, Now, Docs, Gmail, Photos, OK Google, Search, Pay, Wallet, Picasa, PlayStore Earth Apps for business, Waze, Hangouts, Chrome, Plus, Fiber, Fi, Loon and Glass…because they are engagement platforms for collecting their behavior data, and sells it to someone for else for billions, and then that person sells their $19.95 (or 2 for $40.00 just pay separate shipping and handling) cheese slicer or HurryCane right back to the user who generated the data used to send that spam at the perfect time to get sold.

That is who you should feel sorry for. These same people get pissed off when they find out the NSA is collecting their data. Google makes the NSA look like bumbling morons. Google doesn’t even think they are rookies at data collection.

Schmidt: Aww. Isn’t that cute? The NSA actually tries to take the data without telling them. Hey Sergy, how many Google Maps suckers clicked ‘yes’ when we told them we would be recording all of their private data today?

Brin:45 thousand

Schmidt: You hear that Larry?

Page: Shut up…Im ordering a Space Shuttle made of Gold. Hey Serg…pass the spotted owl wings…

Apple talks a lot about developers in WWDC, but also kills a lot of third-party apps with its own. Isn’t it ironical?

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