Apple SVP Eddie Cue says Apple will take on fake news

The Apple News platform will mitigate fake news

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Apple SVP of software and services sounds off on fake news

At the Code Media conference hosted at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point California, Recode is reporting that Eddie Cue, Apple SVP of software and services has publicly stated Cupertinos stance on the phenomenon on, “Fake News”:

“We wanted Apple News to be available to everyone, but we wanted to vet and be sure that the Apple News providers are legitimate.

We’re very concerned about all the clickbait and how that’s driving a lot of the news coverage.

All of us in technology and services own a responsibility for it. We don’t have all the answers by any means. We need to work on it,”

Eddie Cue Apple SVP


Where should the focus of  responsibility be placed?

The owners of technology platforms from which news is propagated have been placed in a very precarious position. Platforms like Apple News, Facebook and Twitter feel a responsibility for the content that is disseminated on their respective technologies.

But should they?

Should the responsibility for the content that is consumed be placed on the platform owners that propagate that content, or should the consumer take some of the responsibility to make the decision on what is or is not valid news?

Interesting questions indeed.

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