Apple releases their AppStore approval process in a comic book

amination appstire
somebody set up us the bomb?

Apple comics

I actually like the regular flavor…but there is something to be said about creativity and flexibility.
Why do they look so angry?

legal disclaimer
all the laws and things
haircut kid
mind your metadata!
comic requiremebts
This is APPLE! We do NOT restart devices here!
beta testing
We bought TestFlight for a reason. Use it.

It is an easy read anyway. Might as well ham it up with a few mean-faced animals with sharp teeth. 

There is definitely a push to get kids to start developing early. In iOS10, a swift playground app is included to show just how easy it can be to build an application. This is just another example of how Apple thinks in the strategy of expanding the iOS ecosystem. 

There was a 9 or a 12 year old developer at WWDC last week.

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