Apple Godwinned by Socialist billionaire

What at is better than saying Apple is ‘Hitler’?

Drawing it



Chinese entrepreneur Jia Yueting, Chief of the Internet Video service Leshi TV, posted the following priceless artwork on his verified Weibo page:

Because fun

The Breakdown

So basically there are happy kids to the left, with sunshine and windmills…to which Yeuting described as, “Crowdsourced Freedom.

Then there is Mr. Happy-pants to the right before a backdrop of crime scene tape, cautionary signage and sporting a ‘swast-Apple’ arm band, that I’m assuming represents the, “arrogance and tyranny”.

He then goes on stating Apple vision of consumer smartphones suppresses innovation and hurts people.

Under the arrogant regime of iOS domination that developers around the world love yet hate, we carefully ask, ‘Is innovation like this o.k.?’


I’m guessing, but I’m sure dots can be connected here. Yeuting’s company is about to release their first smart phone. It’s really good-looking. First off it has no bezel. It’s depicted in the above picture but it’s kinda hard to see.

I’ll help you:


What better a way to drum up some press than to start shouting “HITLER!” from the Internet. Yeuting is a sharp guy. He has been dubbed the ‘Elon Musk’ of Asia. Why? I have no idea, other than he says he will build the cloud-based driver-less electric vehicle that will clean up China’s smog problem. Sounds like a great aspiration.

But he should probably put down the crayons first.

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