Android structural integrity and quality face plant with Nexus6p

So it looks like Huawei (pronounced: wahhh way) is having some issues with structural integrity and quality challenges when speaking in the context of the new Huawei Nexus Pwned.
I recall a similar story that I read on the Internet where a galaxy S6 edge cracked during nap time…when someone whispered too loudly. I could never confirm the accuracy of that story, but the new undisputed winner in the weakest mobile device in history category has just been given to the Nexus Punked.

In mobile culture of course,  things like this do not go over well and I’m sure there will be memes abound poking fun at the Nexus Pussyboy and it is apparent engineering design fail. In this next video, the tech  is performing a scratch test on the display and in the commission of that test he inadvertently cuts the display in half….with his finger.

There is a rumor on the Internet that claims the structural integrity of the Nexus P from Huawei was modeled after DNA samples taken from the spine of the President of the United States combined with a sample from his Secretary of State. I am hard at work getting these claims…but you know what they say about things you read on the internets….

UPDATE: it seems that the rumors have been proven false. Neither the Secretary of State or the president have a spine. So it would be impossible to take a DNA sample from something that doesn’t exist.

The good thing is Google took the Nexus P and placed it in status of ‘no stock’. Is it because they really don’t have stock? Kind of. They are out of stock of Nexus P devices that aren’t bent. It seems a high-pressure system came within 30 miles of the Nexus P warehouse and the result was sunshine  which caused the Nexus P’s to bend. How many bent? 

All of them.

Then to add insult to injury he attempts to bend  the handset and succeeds with very little effort. Usually you will see peoples knuckles get white or they will struggle when attempting to bend a cell phone and half. But this example was different. It is as if the Nexus Pancake actually wanted to bend so it could demonstrate its new niche: The mobile device that anyone can bend..irrespective of the fact that you may or may not have a spine…the Nexus Phail is set to make Festivus fun again, as feats of strength has a new litmus test: Can you bend a Nexus P? You can do more than just bend a Nexus6p


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