Android and iOS in harmony | Could it be real?

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android on iPhones

There was once a time where I was against them

Why? Why must we hang electronic devices attached to cords from other wireless devices effectively making them devices of the un-wireless? Now that we have wireless protocol stacks for files, and multimedia does it really make sense? I remember when the iOS 5 beta rolled out, and in that series was when AirPlay was introduced. I remember coming home for the lab at lunch just so I could play Real Racing on my 60″ plasma TV using my iPad as a steering wheel. I knew that day that true wireless was on the horizon. Here is video of that very day…



 But there are always exceptions

I’ve got an android tablet that has 2 USB ports on it…one of them is full size. I never realized what I could do with it untill a few days ago. You see, I have this cool piece of hardware, but it doesn’t work the way that it is supposed to because clueless people wrote software for it that is complete garbage. The unbelievable part is that it is MFi certified. Well. Using that piece of hardware allowed me to connect 2 dissimilar elements. While I didn’t get the Peltier effect, there was most definitely an electron transfer from one device to the other:




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