So many users!

Android 5 growth up 80% and Users vulnerable to WebView exploit should be less than one billion.

Google has grown Lollipop to an impressive 5%. That’s not too shabby, considering that Lollipop launched less than 5K hours ago.

If Google remains at this pace, they should hit a .000246317% per day conversion by January 2016.

As Lollipop goes up, JellyJoke must come down. Android users on Android 4.3 and below are still vulnerable to the WebView remote attack exploit. Thank God Google fixed that in Android 5. Now, 5% of Android users will never need to worry about that.

I’m not sure how to do that math because we don’t have a variable to begin the attrition rate of Jelly Bean….and I went to public school. I think there may be a couple of Android users who do need to worry about the exploit, but that number is most definitely less than it was a few months ago.

I told Siri about the vulnerability to see if she couldprovide some support:



Siri haha

No Joy. We will give this our best FedGov WAG, and say it was around 800 Million users. Now we will say a few less than 800 million still vulnerable.

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