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An easy way to halve and bracket Android issues | How-To

Halve and bracket Android issues | How-To

There is a great technique for trouble shooting your Android handset if you are experiencing abnormalities in your daily mobile computing routine. For example, if you are suffering from:

  • Stuttering
  • Low performance
  • Battery drain
  • Over heating
  • Memory leaks

For many, these issues are simply due to a poorly written or misbehaving application. But it can be tough to tell which application is the culprit because it can be due to an install, an update or perhaps it is the operating system itself causing the issue.

To trouble shoot this quickly, we can set the device into safe mode to see if the problem persists. Booting the device into Safe mode can give us an indicator as to whether or not it is an App bad-actor, because Android doesn’t run 3rd party applications when booting to Safe Mode.

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Booting into safe mode is a piece of cake if you have a device running pure android…like a Nexus model or Pixel. Simply press and hold the power button, tap and hold ‘power off’, and then select, ‘OK’ when you see ‘Reboot to safe mode’. You know you doing it right when you see the safe mode indicator in the lower left hand corner of the display.

On other devices like Samsung based android devices, with the device powered off press and hold power to power it on until you see the OEM logo splash, then press and hold the volume down button. Again, you will see the safe mode indicator in the lower left hand corner of the display.

While in safe mode, if you are no longer experiencing the performance issues you will know it is an application. You can then begin to delete applications as you see fit, and when you are ready to boot back into the normal mobile computing environment, just restart the device.

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