Amazing technology that just doesn’t do anything…yet


Have you ever wanted to see what your environment would look like if something was present without it actually being there? Not an instant-alpha and pasted static image, I’m talking about a ‘real’ object in space.

I am self admitted fan of Augment. Since the first time I put a C-5 Galaxy in the palm of my hand while standing In a parking garage in Addison Texas, I have spent countless hours of research, killed hundreds of trees printing trackers and trying my best to figure out how this technology could be integrated into other aspects of business besides marketing. I have been following them for years as they develop project after project of visually stunning novelty technology that requires an application and a tracker that can be printed.

They have marketed their technology as a ‘wow’ factor for conferences, where attendees would point their device at a posted sign with a tracker to provide information that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Here is their Christmas product:

There is an effort to sell the concept of placing markers on product boxes on store shelves so consumers could view competitive messages conveyed with multimedia. My personal opinion about this strategy, is very positive. Gaining a competitive advantage from an augmented reality commercial at the point of consumer choice.

From architecture and design both business and consumer use of augmented reality is the fun that wants to be functional. It’s easy enough to get tools required for it to work, just look for the augment application in the google play or iOS AppStore.

You should check it out. Have a printer handy…a couple of hours to burn.


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