A Second ‘Screen’ for Your iPhone | Why?

It’s novel. Its the first product (accessory) for the iPhone that is MFi certified that adds an e-paper display to the back of your handset. E-paper is the low-power digital ink technology that we saw on those e-book readers in the old-days. Here is what it looks like:

popSLATE | The Second Screen for Your iPhone

It interfaces with the iPhone via BT, had its own battery and an API to interface with other applications like Instagram to grab an image and present it or present a list in slideshow mode. They are asking $120 for this.

 If you like putting fat ugly plastic around your iPhone so you can have a black and white e-paper display on the back this may be the accessory you are looking for.

Judging from the images above and the video below, the case may also prevent your iPhone from ever getting stolen. Its odd that they would design in a display which is something you look at, onto a frame that is is not very nice to look at.

They get an A for effort and thinking outside the box. It’s definitely different. If I am going to throw $120+ into a solution that embiggens the iPhone with a disproportionate level of effort in the frame design, I would much rather have a solution that includes extra transistors and another pocket full of electrons.




popSLATE | The Second Screen for Your iPhone.

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