3DTouch, HomeKit and Hue Lights | Home Automation

If I had it my way…

Switching lights with a phone

…I would never touch another light switch.

HomeKit and the Hue Solution for automation of lights in the home is a beautiful thing. Although the current price-point, ($20-$50 per bulb and $50 for the bridge), puts it out of reach for the average guru to completely fill his or her cave with wireless lights…it is where things are going to go.

However, if you consider the ~6X price increase from $.99 tungsten based incandescents to the ~$6.00 jump to, ‘energy efficient’, LED bulbs: it is simply a 3X jump from those to the basic wireless lights from Hue. So the migration is less when taken in that context.

The Videos

Here are a couple of videos I put together that demonstrate the capability of the lights and controls from a native HomeKit perspective that includes 3DTOUCH…


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