2016 Presedential Election: How to vote for the right candidate

How to vote for the right person

By Jason Yeaman

Election Cycles

I like politics…a lot. There was a time when I was involved in grassroots efforts conducted by the Davis County GOP as a voter precinct Chairman and a member of the gubernatorial delegation. I also participated in an election effort for Davis County Sheriff in an attempt to unseat a first-term incumbent.

I know what it’s like to meet with politicians (Candidates for Governor) in a town hall setting. I know what it’s like to have conversations with neighbors who have questions and concerns and then relay those concerns to candidates verbally and through communications via email and have them answered directly with to-the-point verbiage.

Unfortunately, I also know that political campaigns are a race to the bottom. It is an empathetic knowledge. The efforts of campaign staff are always focused on the most basic of human psychology: fear, ego, anger and guilt. Because campaigns start to early, camps that struggle because they run out of substantive content to engage and build their candidate up, soon turn to the tactical misinformation that they believe wIll widen the gap by dragging their opponent down.

Tool of the Trade

Rather than campaign on boring things, like the policy – which is supposed to be the strategic foundation of a campaign staffers effort…they also possess a tactical, ‘bag’, filled with the wonderful stuff that creates division and misinformation. The contents of this bag are more commonly known as, “bull-shit”, and it is used to foster the confusion that will allow them to  craft a tool that will carry their water to the masses of low-effort and information-hungry people.

That prospective tool is you.

Avoid being a political tool

You…the politically astute, are not low-effort. You are interested in the issues. You research them. You vet information for its accuracy. You investigate the author of articles you read by performing internet searches…with modifiers…on multiple engines. You put a priority on understanding the policies…of all candidates.

You love your country, but you have concerns. Your concerns are not based on ‘fear’. Nay…these concerns are formed by your real-life experiences first. How current legislation affects you: personally. While you take into consideration the things you see on TV, read on the internet and discuss on social media platforms, this consideration is infinitesimal.

You place more weight on the opinions of those whom you trust and have intellectually honest  conversations on politics.

You understand that any conversation containing, “Well, candidate X is a Y.”, does not qualify as intellectual unless it is used only once and terminates the conversation.

Your Vote

It is all you. You are the only one who can do this so it’s important to get it right. The good thing is, good-voting doesn’t require anything more than 6th grade civics and being a citizen. If you can say yes to all of the following, I can guarantee you voted for the right candidate:

  • You understand this is your vote and you are voting for the candidate that is best for you.
  • You are voting for the person that will execute enforcing laws enacted by congress. Congress doesn’t write suggestions. They write law, and that law is inspired by the will of the people.
  • You understand that the Office of the President has the power to make life appointments to the SCOTUS. There is a vacancy, and the Judiciary is important to keep things balanced. You are cognizant of each candidates vision for a Supreme Court nomination.
  • Your decision is not based on some nebulous, ‘fear’. You aren’t concerned with any feeling or opinion that is based on, “I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t vote for X.”
  • You know you aren’t a political strategist, (unless you really are), but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an analyst. You aren’t voting for X because you somehow think that by doing so, candidate Y might get elected.
  • You aren’t voting for the, “good of” anything. Not party, not the earth, not even for, “the good of the country”. You are voting for you. You know you will be doing yourself, your family and this country right by voting for the good of you.

This is your time to make a statement. There is no such thing as a wasted vote. Keep your head down and remember your training. This last week of campaign politics is going to be a hoot.


I would suggest brushing up on the logical-fallacy. Use your favorite source…just make sure to vet it.

Good luck.


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