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1 year with the DJI Spark | Part 1 of 3

Happy Anniversary Spark!

Last week marked my 1 year anniversary of my first DJI Spark purchase. I bought my first one on the 3rd of July 2017, and lost my 3rd one on the 5th of July of 2018.

In this 3 part series of videos, I will chronicle some of the footage each drone captured, the metrics on each aircraft, the reason for the crash and an analysis of the telemetry when each Spark met its fate by viewing the flight telemetry of the last flight for each.

I will also give an account of how I was treated by DJI on each individual replacement.

I lost my first Spark about a week and a half after I bought it. Luckily, I did go with the refresh option. However, it was later discovered that there was a bug in the Spark firmware that was causing mid-flight power failures and that is what caused my Spark to drown. I burned the refresh option anyway and was back up and flying within a week. 2 days before for the refresh unit, my RC shipped. I had been flying with just a mobile device up to that point.

Have a look at the video above and let me know what you think. I’ll be writing the chronicles of Spark #2 and #3 in the mean time…and #4 is being processed at DJI as we speak

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