★Which would be better for a home networking solution — Ruckus or Luxul?

Ruckus is about 3x the cost — is it worth it? Having a good home network is very important to me.

Jason Yeaman,


Ruckus is a managed network solution. How many nodes do you have? If you are interested in home control of lighting and environmental systems, wait for ios8, HomeKit might be all you need, get a time capsule an maybe an extreme as well if you have a big house.

Home networking doesn’t need management.


I don’t know what you mean by nodes. I have a large apartment (4000 ft). 2 people live there. I do NOT want home control of everything, just very reliable Wifi. Should I get Ruckus, or Luxul or something else?

Jason Yeaman

What are the devices in your place comprised of? Mobile? Portable? Do you require the need to access resources in your home while you are away? Do you want to host media services for yourself like have a media server? All of these things are easy. Reliability comes from the design and configuration of the network, or having a homogeneous procurement initiative in equipment.

Who is providing your gateway?

Anonymous I have Time Warner Cable’s fastest service (meant to be 100Mb). Just have a couple of laptops, apple TV, and a couple of iPhones and iPads. No need to host media. Nothing special. No need to access while away.

Jason Yeaman

Then I would go with a TimeCapsule. It delivers 802.11AC, has NAS for your iDevices to store files. Your network will be tuned and prioritized for iDevices, and things like IP reservations on lease for eternity don’t happen.

When you make up your mind, you will want to disable the radio in theTWC router, hardline connect theTimeCapsule into one of theTWC gateway hub ports (it’s port with the circle on theTimeCapsule). If thelocation where the router is also the place in your house that also has a TV, you will also want to hardline the ATV into one if the hub ports of theTImeCapsule. This willreduce latency on the network. If thatlocation is somewhat in the center of your house, that might be all you need. If you find slow spots in the house (you can test for this using a program calledwifiPerf in the Mac andiOSAppStores) and test packet transfer in different places. If you have an annoying spot, you should get an express, set it up to extend with the same name as theTimeCapsule so roaming or connecting won’trequire a different login. If youriDevices are iPad 3/iPhone 4 or better, I wouldn’t even entertain the 802.11b/gcompatability mode. Just set both radios to N-a/c on both 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies.


If company comes over and they still carry b/g Chanel gear, they won’t be able to connect, but at least they won’t slow the network down.

You will have the ability to set a global host name on the TimeCapsule and connect to the NAS if you need a file, from your iPad or iPhone, remote into your Macs at home with a pretty fluid experience. Anyway. Comeback and tell us how it works out. I’ve installed these for both homes and businesses, use them myself.

Anonymous Thank you.

No worries. Good luck.

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