Hummer for droid

Your Android device might be infected with HUMMER

Hummer infecting 63k Android handsets every day

Masks itself as apps like Google PlayStore, WhatsApp

Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab has issues a severe malware warning concerning a Chinese-based Trojan called, “Hummer”.
Hummer has infected millions. Don't be next.
It is the largest Android malware infection ever, claiming 1.4 million victims every day at its peak. With the per target install value of .50 cents, the daily value hits $500 million US dollars every day.

Factory resets do NOT affect the Trojan

Users infected with the Trojan will experience unwanted ad pop-ups, unwanted installs of games and a complete loss of control of the handset, as it is rooted upon infection:

When a mobile phone is infected with the Hummer trojan, it will root the device to obtain administrator privileges of the system. It will then frequently pop up ads and silently install unnecessary or unwanted applications (even malware) in the background, which consumes a lot of network traffic. Since the Hummer trojan can gain the highest control over the phone system, ordinary anti-virus tools are not able to clear the trojan thoroughly – even performing a factory reset on the device won’t get rid of it.

The most disconcerting thing in the CVE report is that a factory reset is not effective.

During network analysis, an infected handset can access the network several thousand times, consume over 2 Gigs of network bandwidth and install 200 apks.

A chart showing the millions of daily infections.
A chart showing the millions of daily infections.
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