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Xiaomi chimes in with Windows10 MiPad2

Windows 10 Tablet


Xiaomi mipad

I’m sure the Google-Xiaomi relationship is a great one. How could it not be? Google gives Xiaomi permission to deploy Android, and in return Google gives Xiaomi Executive talent on a ‘global’ level.

But Xiaomi isn’t married to Android. In fact, they pare and shape a proprietary (All android OEMs do) distribution they call MyUI, and it takes android to another level of Apple-ization. So Apple-esq in fact, that it actually does creepify the emulation. Their marketing Their product is popular.

We all know there isn’t a Windows 10 ‘tablet’ like there is mobile (or at least someone told me once there was a Win10Mobile), just a tablet mode that brings touch to a level that is much more immersive.

Xiaomi mipad


Rumored specs for the Mi Pad 2 include a 14-nm processor from Intel, presumably to provide enough power to run Windows 10, 4GB of RAM, and a 13 MP back camera. The display is said to be at 10 inches, with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. No word yet on the price, but Xiaomi is known for selling high-quality devices at low prices.



Xiaomi’s Windows 10 Tablet Mi Pad 2 Reportedly Set For Launch Alongside Mi 4c On Sept. 22



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