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Most folks would agree that Wozniak is not only a gadget afficianado, but an honest reviewer of said gadgetry. He isn’t the kind of dude who ‘only has nice things to say’ about a product because of who the OEM might be, nor is he overly critical for the same reason.

From what I have read about him, he has always been outspoken about technology trends that affect people. It doesn’t matter if the impact of that technology is social, economic, cultural or governmental. He seems to have an intelligent and well thought out position to disseminate, even if conveying that position might be a little challenging.

For example, on the topic of NSA spying:

“All these things they talk about in the Constitution that made us so good as people, they’re kind of nothing. They all dissolved with the Patriot Act,”

“It’s extremely clear in the Bill Of Rights, [but] one thing after another [ has been] overturned. And that’s what a king does – has anyone rounded up, killed and put in secret prisons.”

And on comparing the United States and the former Soviet Union in the same context of spying:

“They followed their people, they snooped on them, they arrested people, put them in secret prisons-they disappeared them. We’re getting more and more like that,”

On Siri:

“I’m really disappointed, but it’s still a market for the future. I think voice recognition for all the platforms is going to get better and better and better at putting together complete sentences and phrases. What did a human really mean? Like, if you said ‘Five, I mean six.’ It will understand a backup, the little faults in our speech that humans understand. It will understand that eventually.”

A lot of folks tend to write him off, especially the Apple fan boys. There are many who think he should have some kind of allegiance to the company he co-founded, and not have anything positive to say about competitor technology like Google Glass and Microsoft’s Surface effort.

The Android blog machine tends to quote Woz when it is ‘journalistically’ expedient.

Since iOS can compete equally on both quantitive and qualitative metrics, color commentary is needed to augment the quantitive-only metrics that an Android piece relies upon. This is the only situation where you will find Wozniak references from the IheartGoogle crowd.

Too many people seem to forget how instrumental Steve Wozniak was in bringing computing to the common person with the vision of getting a computer into homes. How that vision continues via his philanthropic endeavors that bring technology to kids who would otherwise not be exposed to it.

I personally respect the guy for 3 reasons:

1. He speaks to anyone, anywhere about the things he knows about. You don’t see a lot of that from super-rich people.

2. He keeps his mouth shut about things he doesn’t know about. You don’t see much of this from anyone, anywhere anymore.

3. His involvement with the EFF. I make opinions clear on their efforts here.

This morning, as I read a Wozniac article from Xconomy, I had to chuckle at the brutal honesty on his review of ‘Galaxy Gear’:

“That was the only technology I bought to experiment with that I threw out after half a day, sold it on eBay because it was so worthless and did so little that was convenient,” Wozniak said. “You had to hold it up to your ear and stuff.”

Some Apple fanboy is looking for that eBay listing intent on winning the artifact that will provide him with a lifetime of anti-Samsung +1’s in various forums on the internet.

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Posted 2 months ago

(photo credit Jonathan Alcorn)

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