Windows 10 beats OS X on the new MacBook

Windows 10 macbook

I haven’t tested Win10 portable, and my time with the new MacBook has been limited to the time I have spent with one at BestBuy.  But the nostalgia behind the following story brings a big grin to my face.

Why? Because I remember my experience with both Mac OS and Windows (at the time 10.5 and 7 respectively) when I bought my first Mac, an MBP 17 (Late 08). Not only did my frustration with Leopard get the best of my patience, (causing me to swear off ever again using MacOS…lasting 7 months) but my fascination with an outstanding example of Windows 7 performance and stability that I had never even heard or read about…let alone experienced first hand. It literally breathed a new life into my, then, day-to-day computing.

What caused this? What could do such a thing? What can bring a computing experience historically based on blue screens, hangs, restarts, repetitive over modulated and out-spoken expletives exerted while banging clenched fists against a filthy plastic interface…to one that a user could be so daring…so bold as to describe it with the word, ‘outstanding’?

Installing it on an Apple hardware platform!

Apple hardware platforms run Windows better than any (other) Windows HCL certified machine could ever dream to. This is not limited to desktops and portables, mind you. I have had stable Windows 3x and ’95 instances running comfy on iPhones and iPads as well.

Apple hardware works like magic!

Mentioned or not, I suspect that the following story is at least in part attributed to that fact.

Apple designs and builds its MacBooks to get the best performance possible out of the OS X operating system. But according to one owner, Apple’s new MacBook runs Microsoft’s Windows 10 better than its native OS.

Source: Windows 10 “unequivocally better” than OS X on Apple’s new MacBook | ZDNet

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