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Why does OS X Yosemite suck so badly?


Top 5 reasons why 10.10.3 sucks.

The list is long but distinguished:


Many people have chimed in over email and SMS concerning BootCamp and installing Windows on the Mac. I have tried this and the Mac makes Windows run like Yosemite. This is not conducive to my regimen.

1. It doesn’t ask me to reboot all the time.

This cuts into my screw off time. When I’m on Windows, I can count on 3-6 reboots a day. With 7-8 minute shut down times, and 10 minute boot ups, I have a great reason to do important things, like angry birds…or smoke cigarettes rather than working.

Yosemite reduces this time to 0…making me work all day.

2. When I’m working on my Mac, people are always bothering me, asking me about it.

Telling me it looks awesome and invading my at-work-privacy. If I’m at a customer site…I have to be nice.

No one talks to me when I bring my Dell with a WIndows 10 load.

3. Lock-ups.

I can count on windows to lock up once hopefully twice an hour. People have accused me of just sitting at my desk doing nothing so many times, I have gotten in trouble for it. But I show them I’m just waiting for my computer to catch up. Because I’m so fast at working, the computer needs time to catch up. Yosemite doesn’t have the lock-up feature.  Windows lock-ups give me the opportunity to work on my Samsung watch concept . I’m making awesome progress:

4. Licensing.

Microsoft requires licensing checks on enterprise software as part of system health. It checks and re-checks licenses every day. Sometimes my software will be licensed one day, and not the next. This requires me to call India for tech support. These calls take forever, but it  gives me a chance to play angry birds and maintain my global high scores…and no one bothers me when I’m on the phone.

Yosemite doesn’t know what licensing is. It’s a n00b computer OS.

5. Windows Updates.

These can happen once or twice a day, required. Because it’s slow at downloading, requires a reboot, and a license scan…and if im lucky…a phone call to India, it’s theoretically possible to waste an entire morning playing angry birds and watching YouTube, smoking cigarettes and watching captain kangaroo. Now don’t tell me, I’ve nothing to do.

That’s my top 5 reasons why 10.10.3 sucks.

Why does OS X Yosemite suck so badly?

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