Camera shots by iphone

Which mobile device has the best camera?

Who has the best camera?

Taking photos with iphone6s
All footage contained herein belongs to Austin Mann


If you ask any mobile device owner their top five reasons for purchasing their current handset,  it is likely that one of those, if not the #1 reason, will be the camera.

Mobile phone cameras are responsible for almost all of the social media posts on the Internet. It is also the reason why most iPhone owners don’t have any space left on their handsets. To be honest, if I could capture footage like this I might have the same problem. But since I can’t, I spend my time helping users figure out how to manage their space instead of enjoying their memories…forever etched in time with help from a tiny sensor.

Last year, I posted a story similar to this one. About how mobile technology creates art in the hands of a capable artist.

iPhone 6 s camerasPeople ask me what makes the iPhone camera superior to those of other OEMs. I give them the same technogeek answer: Despite the fact that the sensors may be identical, the image processor is handled on hardware embedded on the SoC (system on a chip). Since Apple designs the chips, it is unlikely that any OEM will ever be able to create an identical environment. Perhaps this years iPhone is different. In the years I have been ripping apart iPhones, I have never seen the sensors ‘fruited’ by Apple. Perhaps this means nothing. But the following screen caps are a testament to something that Apple is doing right in the context of the iPhone 6s camera:



If there is still any doubt in your mind that the iPhone 6s camera didn’t take the best shots when compared to the competition after the above examples, take note: these were produced by my simultaneous depressing of the home and sleep/wake buttons on an iPad Air 2 while watching the following production created on an iPhone 6s:

Even Casey Grimley has to be impressed.

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