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What’s new in iOS 9 beta 5 | Settings Analysis


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The over-the-air update for the iOS 9 beta (dev not public)  came through for me this morning and I installed it on an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.  I’ve had time to go through the settings control panel and there are quite a few changes…some really cool things. I’ve got some screen caps documenting the changes in the settings control panel, and I’ll get to the functionality in native applications and installed applications in a post to follow up.

imageimageOverall I’d have to say that the experience of the Developer iOS nine beta has been incredibly positive. I know that some folks have been having issues on the public beta side. While all developer beta’s since I’ve been with the program (iOS 4) have easily met my expectations, the iOS 9 beta has by far been the best. The only real stability issues that I experienced were in beta 2. It is also interesting to note that exactly 2 years ago today, beta 5 of iOS 7 rolled.

Operational Functionality (in-progress)

Software updateI’ll get into the functionality of the native applications a little later, but in the meantime I’ll update hear the things that I’ve experienced while composing this document. The functionality of the dictation-to-text  performance is greatly improved as I’m using it to compose what you are reading.  The dictated text gets successfully selected upon hitting the ‘done’ button in the VTT control panel at the bottom of the screen.  Also the  image upload function has been revamped.  In the past if you were  using the browser to upload an image and that image was optimized for space-saving, you would get an error that stated ‘could not upload image.’  That’s been fixed.

Selecting text with the double tap gesture is much more accurate.  Also the clipboard in mobile Safari has been improved.  Formerly, if you wanted to select text and move it, it had to be copied then replaced, causing an extra step removing the selected reference text. If it were cut, the text handling didn’t have a reference for the data and it would be lost. Thank you Apple.



The wallpaper selection has been revamped. It’s unknown if the old ones will ever come back but the new set  it’s quite gorgeous .  There’s also revamped contextual selection for whether or not you want the wallpaper to come with perspective.  Selections include images of feathers, planets, flowers and color gradients.




New camera settings include video recording options for 720p @ 30 frames,  and 1080P@ 30 and 60 frames.  Slow Mo options are augmented with a 120 frames per second or 240 frames per second mode.




Maps settings come with a toggle to request an email notification on an update that you submitted as a bug report maps comes with a toggle to request an email notification on an update that you submitted as a bug report in  maps.



News app


News appThe news application is my my favorite iOS 9 updates.  Got a great user interface,  there are a lot of swipe gestures involved, free gorgeous, simple animations.  The news application has been updated to add a ‘you might like’ break in the ‘for you tab.  So while you’re reading the newsfeed you’ll be able to add sections into favorites.  Settings control panel a switch for ‘show story previews has been added’,   Replacing a switch that had a nondescript badge.




Siri expansion

imageApple has always been big on accessibility. Especially in iOS. In the beta 5 of iOS 9 Siri voices have been expanded to include a default and enhanced of both Siri male and female voices.




The regulatory information has been relocated to the general section of settings.



Wi-Fi system settings control panelWi-Fi system settings control panelimage

Finally, Wi-Fi assist.This is a great  feature, especially for those of you like me to have a very unreliable and poor Wi-Fi Internet service provider, when the device decides that the Wi-Fi  connectivity is poor, it will automatically switch to cellular data .



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