Ways the US Military could benefit from the Samsung Note 7 recall


Why waste technology? The Galaxy Note 7 could easily be repurposed for a plethora of tools that could be used in different ways. I have thought of a few myself, but I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg:

1: MRE Heater

Place it next to a rock…or something.
.Mils gotta eat and hot food is better. You could use the Note 7 as an MRE heater by placing it next to a rock or something, and power it up!

2: Mines

note 7 mines
One here…one here…and one there.
In regions where goat ******* are a-plenty, place some Note 7’s for area-denial operations…or perhaps as bait.


3: Grenades

samsung grenades
No pins, digital cook-off.
‘Nuff said!

4: Active Armor Applications

samsung tank armor
Different wallpapers could be used for ACTIVE camo too!
The crews of the M1 Abrams could benefit from Note 7’s by placing them on the outside of the MBT. AT weapons deployed by goat ******* would be severely marginalized.

5: Flares

flares app for note 7

Launching Note 7’s from aircraft would attract AA missiles and save lives.

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