Was YouTube a good acquisition for Google?


Here is how I gauge free services:
1. Look at a few of their premium competitors
2. Look take the least expensive service the competitor offers.
3. Decide if you would pay that much for the free service

My opinion is the web product is terrible, but the integration into hardware media devices and inside their social applications is pretty good. There has been some great effort put into cleaning up the content, and offering content creators help on how to do  things better…but unfortunately the purpose for that is so the advertising can be more effective.

I’m hopeful Google will allow content creators pay at least a token investment, like they did with apps for business.

Until content creators and their viewership can be customers, the quality of the service will always be dictated by someone who wants to sell you Uggs, or a slap chop, a hotel stay, or to congratulate you because you have won!

If google would allow content creators to compete with advertisers it would have 2 way benefits:

1. Ween google off that 95% ad driven revenue

2. Empower content creators to have some stake in the product. That would improve quality of the product at all facets, and drive traffic..which drives value to sales to both creators and advertisers.

When that happens, yeah. It was the acquisition of acquisitions.

The Nortel Patents would have been a better investment, and Motorola was…whatever it was.

Was YouTube a good acquisition for Google?

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