USDA VS FCC| Vislak VS Wheeler for Decider of the Internets

Sustaining the Digital Divide

The Agriculture Department solidified its faith in itself to lead itself to mount an effort to bring broadband internet to rural communities in rural America

Sectetary Tom Vislack stated that the Internet is just like 80 years ago when people needed electricity.

It’s vital.

Vislak vs Wheeler are Certified Ninja, and verified in the National Ninja registry.Stripping money from the ‘Swizz-Army’ Farm Bill, they will guarantee loans for Infrastructure providers who wish to bring High speed Internet to rural areas.

Secretary Vislack states that the USDA has invested their time, resources and effort into finding tax money in the Farm Bill that isn’t needed for the farming of farms trough farmitization, and will instead buy some pizza and the Internets for people.

The Enabler

The Department has named Frontier Communications to use the not-for-farms-farm money vehicle to build Internets for people who can only get broadband  using the Outhyonder Internet Protocol.

Frontier Communications generated about $3 billion in revenue over the past 2 quarters. doing just that. Building the infrastructure requirements that are necessary for the Outhyonder internet Protocol. The only technology known that is able to reliably provide high speed data throughput, and deliver data services, to places those rural Americans call ‘Out-Yonder’

Metrics and Stipulations

The funding for this effort is aimed at $30 Million.

For Montana. Rural Montana.
That heapin-helpin of Federal not-for-Farm Bill Tax Money can only be used in areas where

  1. a 15% no-service condition exists, and
  2. the Internets must be the broadband kind at
  3. 4Mbit down 1Mbit up.

YeeeHaw! That’s Quicker than 18 holes of golf riding in. GolfCart One.

FCC chairAll cynicism and sarcasm aside, There is no ‘broadband’ internet at 4Mbps. As far as I know the Agricutlure Department Secretary is still an Executive cabinet appointment. If I am not mistaken, the Chief  Executive of the ‘US ‘ part of ‘USDA’ is still President Obama. And the President…not more than 4 weeks ago stated that ConnectHome was going to be THE nationwide concerted effort to bring broadband to rural Anerica, which is defined as 20-25Mbit minimum. By Chairman Wheeler, FCC type, one each.

2 Americas, 2 Governments. 2 Internets.

Perhaps Secy. Vislak didn’t get the memo, but the term broadband actually has a Government requirement that needs to be met when the context of performance metrics is considered,, and the FCC declared 8 months ago that the speed requirement for ‘broadband’ service is 5X faster than the USDA’s ‘not-broadband’ Internet speed requirement for no-for-farming Farm Bill funded Internets for rural America.

The Deoartment of Urban housing development in partnership with Google Fiber has already spent millions of dollars bringing their kind of Internets to public housing  Residents.
I’m not sure if the FCC chairman would appreciate the Agriculture Secretary  demoting the speeds of all the broadband Internets back to their original pre-government regulated outlaw speeds.. I’m sure Chairman Wheeler expended  a lot of time, effort and money doing all of the science it takes to figure out that the Internets need  to go at least in the twenties to be broad.

Maybe they should wrastle to see who the Boss of the Internets should be. The real Internets.’ Then at least we would know who is in charge of this.

The Real Divide.

The President was right about the digital divide. But it doesn’t seem that he has the leadership necessary to fix it. His own appointee has decided to take not-for-farm Farm Bill money, which I’m sure is meant to be spent on farming or at least something that resembles or creates the appearance of farming or is given to someone who can spell farming, and he is using it to pipe inadequate (as per FCC guidelines) service to rural Americans who have no service.

The Presidents own excutive cabinet is using tax money to deploy data infrastructure that sustains the disparity that the President says he is committed to  gap-fill.

The Digital Divide between those who do and those who don’t. The haves and the have-nots of broadband internet. While President Obama is creating haves, Vislak is buikding the 30 million dollar pipe that turns  have-nots into have-nots on brand new 30 million dollar not-broadband infrastructure…and then they have to pay for the not-broadband service themselves.

Wheeler 4
Chairman Wheeler chuckles while he tells Congress he is reminiscing on  those men who met their fate by pissing him off. “There were this many…were…”

The Only divide that matters in this case, irrespective of the fact that actual economic prosperity doesn’t come from speed of Internets, is the divide between those who recognize the Presidents authority, those who see his vision and follow his leadership VS those who do exactly the opposite of what he wants. Government is divisive because of it, or lack of it. The missing leadership component or whatever it is that make people tune out when they hear the president speak on important issues for this Country.
This is an issue that already needs management. The management  required when a situation is devoid of leadership and vision. While the President says some great and inspiring things to his constituents,  his Vision needs to be sold to those People he has entrusted with the delegation of power. Those he chooses to execute and operate the task of his vision for America


Vislaks arm
Vislak has a huge right arm. It is said that when the pull-up bar at the Marine Barracks broke, Secretary Vislack let a company of Marines use his arm for pull-ups ….All of them… the SAME TIME

When the President  states that he is going to bridge the digital divide by bringing 20-25Mbit  broadband to rural America, and 4 weeks later his Agricutlltire Secretary is  raiding the farm bill to pay for Internet service  that isn’t even close to what the FCC stipulates as ‘Broadband’ is defiant, incompetennt or it could possibly be the simple fact that there isn’t anyone in charge.

A Government that can (with intellectual honesty)  authorize one tax-Payer funded program that deploys broadband service to rural America while it authorizes another tax payer funded effort that deploys not-broadband service to a different rural America,  under  guise of equalizing the economic disparity of its citizens. And this economic disparity, the Government claims, is the causality of the  of the disparity in the speed of  high speed Internet service availabilityin rural America has, the hook on some kind bud

Because if you say people are poor because they have slower internet than everyone else, and then you make people pay so you can give some people slower internet than everyone else, you either don’t get it or you don’t care. Both of which are conditions exuded by people who choose a peanut butter sandwich lead them.

Why would someone follow a sandwich?

When it’s the only thing showing confidence that it knows what it Is doing, people will follow anything.I want to know what the issue is with Secretary Vislak, and more importantly…is he willing to wrastle Chairman Wheeler for undisputed Boss of the Internets (4Mbit class, or 20/5Mbit class.


Chairman vs secretary
Both Cabinet Execs are Ninja Certified, and have been verified to be listed in the National Ninja Registry. Wheeler has a ‘Master’ rating using Numb-Chucks



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