Title 2: All your utility poles are belong to Google

image image image imageIf Broadband Internet Access Service is reclassed as a ‘utility’ under Title 2,  Google wants to remind the government that they are ready to have access to all utility infrastructure that is already built.

Because builidng their own might cause undue blight and/or cause a public nuisance…or cost them money.

Imagine that. The government can completely screw up the internet by ‘protecting’ it,  turn the biggest internet data company into the biggest last mile ISP by allowing them access to everyone’s  home…and they don’t have to build a damn thing to get it.

At that point, no one will ever need to ask, ‘What is Google?’

The easier question  to answer will be ‘What isn’t?’

Google and Government: a match made in hell…or heaven. I guess it depends on how you view things.



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