This is way too big for one hand.

Some decisions have intended consequences and some have unintended consequences. The ability to engineer a solution that’s a win-win for both the usability of the device and immediate gratification we feel by looking at a big beautiful display isn’t always achievable.

This video is a primer about the competitive discriminator’s between two technology companies, how one decided to abandon going head-to-head with its competitors mastery of interface concepts and create appeal to the brand by increasing the size of the device. That gets compounded with the overconfidence in its philosophical reasoning behind smaller engineering designs that they get caught off guard.

When it was over, consumers spoke loud and clear and let technology OEMs know that larger displays were a priority. However larger displays require larger form factors and devices are no longer suitable for one handed operation without a UI compensator.

I demonstrate, compare and contrast two solutions to a common challenge that addresses this challenge.

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