There are 2 Direct reasons why Apple should stay their course on encryption

Even if Apple capitulated and decided to comply…how comfortable would you be if you were giving the keys to 400 million of your customers, to:


The Director of National Intelligence and the  Director of the Central Intelligence Agency  both had their personal systems compromised by a high school student.

The United States Federal Government has been under scrutiny as of late, as we are just finding out what an executive cabinet  appointment to the president of the United States kept on her ‘personal’ mail server.

Admittedly, this could happen to anyone…even everyone. But not everyone is demanding the keys to the private data of 400 million people.

Seriously, what if Apple turned over the  iMessage encryption key, (if that were even possible), and Direcror Brennan decided he was going to keep it in his AOL email account? What if he decided to email a copy of if the key to Director Clappers FIOS email account?

Cupertino is doing Washington a favor by not complying with their demands. In fact, what Apple should do is send every politician an iPhone and explain to them that if they communicated over the port that utilizes the iMessage binary protocol, neither Secretary Clinton, Director Clapper or Director Brennan would have the issues they are having at this very moment.

Privacy is important…for all of us.

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