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The Alternate Facts for Team Trump don’t look good | Politics

Inane inauguration  numbers: Pictures do not lie

The Associated Press

Here is what the AP got

Look, this isn’t difficult. Obama on top, Trump on the bottom. Two pictures. Same day. There is no denying they are not equal.


The Guardian

This is what the Brits saw

Even the people whose ass we had to kick…twice…could see that Trump (left) and Obama (right) had dissimilar crowd numbers. It’s kind of confusing, because in England, the pictures are side-by-side. Probably because of how the gravity is different over there. Or maybe because they are on the side of the earth instead of the top…like America.

British Broadcasting Corp

Here are more Brits chiming in

Again, the Brits get it right. When 2 Brits (BBC and The Guardian) who probably don’t even know each other, report the same thing and take the same side-by-side photos (the whole gravity thing again), showing Trump left, and Obama right, it’s getting pretty grim for team Trump.

Doesn’t Trump know the British have a Queen? Queens have some kinda special blood or something…that tells them they are royalty. Very similar to midichlorians in Jedi blood, but Queens don’t need the force. They have subjects that move things around for them when they wave their hand.


GW bush
GeeDub saw the truth too. He had to squint to make sure he wasn’t seeing double nothing.

President Bush saw it too. Look at him trying to count them. Reports say he described the crowd as, “There were…literally tens of people there.”

Barack Obama

President obama
If I close my eyes like this…I can’t feel sorry for him.

President Obama saw. He was right there looking at them…until he closed his eyes for a while. Maybe dreaming about a fat spliff. Why not? He ain’t got nothing else to do on Friday.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is straight pissed at what she is looking at. She is thinking: “America…great…blah….blah…blah…”

Here is what they saw:

Trump inauguration
The truth

Alternative facts are pesky things.

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