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It is a popular concept because the convergence of operating systems as an initiative from within an OEM that is crucial to the elevation of the user experience. I have touched on the Apple initiative of operating system convergence, but Lawrence takes it a bit further by comparing and contrasting the Microsoft initiative with Windows 10 ...

I read, you listen…we both chuckle

Oh the Nurve! | Full Windows 10 on a phone
Ok. So it’s vapor-ware. Currently in the process of being crowd-funded on indiegogo, the Nurve Sync-Phone promises to be the worlds most versatile smartphone. If successful, it would definitely raise the bar for performance and functionality. Usability and User Experience? We will have to wait and see. They are looking for a quarter million USD, and currently sit at a ...

Oh the Nurve! | Full Windows 10 on a phone

Android, Google, Windows 10
I had actually installed an insiders preview edition on my MacBook Air using Oracle Virtual box. It was incredibly snappy. However, my Mac is on the the preview beta version of El Capitan, and for whatever reason The Jailbreak App for Windows wasn’t recognizing my iPhone so that was all the Windows I could handle that day. Today, I have ...

My first 10 minutes with Windows 10

Windows 10 privacy paranoia
'...when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary' sounds like the preamble to 'Do no evil.' ...

Windows 10 privacy paranoia

The confidential version
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Windows 10 Confidential