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a screen capture of an iphone
iMessage beats SMS every time...except when you can't send an iMessage ...

Why are my iMessages going as SMS?

Will smiff
Conversations in iMessage for iOS about current films yields localized data presentations This might be old news, but I realized today that…like music bands in Music for iOS…conversations about movies in iMessage will give you a link to localized movie times: Spelling is the important part How-To How do you get your iDevice to present this data and then consume ...

Localized Movie info in iMessage for iOS | How-To

Apple is doomed
Large Contact file causes iMessage crash in iOS Yes, it works. No, it’s not detrimental. It is annoying…and no…I won’t be replicating how to do it here. I will, however, embed the video created by the exploit – and fix – finder, Vincendes3: Mitigation Don’t accept contact files from people you don’t know…and don’t have known friends who like to ...

iMessage hack crashes app | Exploits

How safe is it to use Facetime and iMessage on a public wifi? | Quora
 iMessage binary protocol encryption How safe is it to use FaceTime and iMessage on a public wifi? Or for this matter use an iPhone / iPad on a public wifi given the fact that there are some apps always connected (mail app, iMessage, Facetime, etc) where you don’t have to login everytime you want to use it? How it works When ...

How safe is it to use Facetime and iMessage on a public wifi? | Quora

iOS 10 Apps hit the AppStore 
I just picked up a paid iMessages app called Rock Paper Scissors from the App Store. iMessage extensions are available from the app: Should see a lot of this kind of stuff by tomorrow. 41.1278809-112.0186458Like this:Like Loading ...

iOS 10 Apps hit the AppStore 

The real Siri
Send a message to Him and Her and her and him ...

Creating and sending group SMS or iMessage with Siri