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google kids
Google Photos can really kick ass…and suck. Throw a few photos in the Photos app and you can get something decent as the output. Security Whild you won’t have to pay actual money for the app, the cost is your personal data, the data of others,..and your soul. But hey…it’s free so that makes of ok for you….right? For whom ...

Things I did while the Goog Photos App uses AI

Get some free MJ courtesy of the Goog
Disclaimer: Google ‘free’ aka: Googratis, means it won’t cost you money. Your privacy, soul and sanity are still in question. Michael Jackson. Certainly the best pop entertainer in my generation. He could sing. He could dance. And he could dance and sing. Looking past his issues (yes, we all have them), he did a lot of great things for people ...

Get some free MJ courtesy of the Goog