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Do you really science if you don't don't data?
They may call you, 'Doctor', and you might look official with the white lab coat, but if you didn't create a day archive...did you really Science? ...

Do you really science if you don’t don’t data?

T-Mobile map of the country
Part 1 of an analysis on TMO mobile strategy. Data plan shaping is expected. Setting the expectation and being honest to your customer about how you do it matters ...

T-mobile data plan and network shaping Part 1 | Carriers

Sats for the goog
3 years and a half-billion dollars later, changes are coming Maps tile The Situation Google/Alphabet is loaded. They have a lot of cash, and even more ambition. But what is it they are trying to achieve? When you ponder the Goog and their agenda, the first things you realize is how complicated and interwoven the revenue mechanisms are. Google is ...

Google rethinks satellite imaging and space based internet strategy | Analysis

Where in the hell is Apple getting its lyrics data for Music?
I’m the definition of…half man – half drugs… Ok…ok. I know we aren’t going to win any grammar awards for this song…but Apple should still attempt to curate the lyrics data they place in music. I really like the thought of presenting lyrics to the user in Music. It is added value. But it only adds value if the data ...

Where in the hell is Apple getting its lyrics data for Music?

TMO is having serious issues
If you are wondering why you are slow on GSM. TMO is having problems. That you are even reading this is a miracle. Reports say high-speed intermittent outages across CONUS. We have limited througput, but it only affects the high data speeds. Creeping is the new standard. The Rockies, SoCal, North eastern seaboard and the south are getting it the ...

TMO is having serious issues

How OEM's will make money from Android in the future
It looks like the Goog to me… Smartphone software text extraction technology combined with user profiles and interest analysis Here is a piece I thought was was a joke. A Chinese based foundation called The Industrial Technology Research Institute says it has been conducting research to help OEMs make money on Android. Someone decided that Android revenue was so bad, ...

How OEM’s will make money from Android in the future

They aren't goodz
If Apple can turn slow, plastic Android phones into not-as-slow-as-before Android phones made of metal and glass that look just like Apple iPhones...what's to say they can't do the same for Carriers? ...

How Apple would have disrupted carrier data services

Apple Music with headphones
T-Mobile CEO John Legere goes full broadside batteries release in an anti-Verizon and anti-AT&T tirade that lasts just under 6 minutes. In his soliloquy, he makes some major announcements about AppleMusic and the new iPhone 6S ...

TMO adds Apple Music to no-charge data streaming

AT&T adds roll-over data
If you are an AT&T mobile subscriber on a non-legacy shared data plan and on their current mobile value shared data plan, after the 25th of this month you will carry over any unused data (rounded up on the whole Mega Byte) to the next month. This is a trend that has been set by TMO. Unlike TMO, who will ...
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AT&T adds roll-over data