‘stuck’ between Google and Apple or just using best of both worlds?

You use Apple devices but love Google data services. What’s wrong with you?


Of course it isn’t ‘bad’. Apple is a consumer device OEM, Google is a data company.¬† You are actually using the tech to the best of their capabilities and limitations.


The difference between the 2 is the differing  philosophy on privacy.

As long as you understand Google’s privacy policy and have no problems with what they are doing with your data, then you have made an informed decision and the causality is yours to deal with.

Apple is great at what they do.

Google is also great at what they do. The issue most people have is their philosophy on privacy, and the means in which they go about informing, or notinforming, the user on that philosophy.

Therein exists the conundrum.

Apple data services, while not as robust or extensive as Google’s, are designed around your privacy being paramount. If that is important to you, then you will learn to appreciate the effort despite the encumbrance.

Google data services are broad, sweeping and integrated…especially between their other services and with advertisers called. ‘Trusted Businesses’. As long as you are cognizant of those policies you can make an informed decision for you.

Now, rock on with your ‘bad’ tech!

‘stuck’ between Google and Apple or just using best of both worlds?

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