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Steve Jobs said, “Outside of Search, Google’s products…

Steve jobs

He was wrong.

Google search is also shit.

Usually we hear about all the Steve Jobs stories where had the vision to see where things were going. I’m not sure how how much insight Jobs had into the functional aspects of their (Google) software. Considering the relationship Jobs had with Schmidt and their (presumed) common interest at Apple with Schmidt on Apples board (09-06) when they were vertical partners in mobile computing with Google, Jobs would be in an excellent position to have an extended amount of knowledge in Google’s strategic  vision. Googles data collection tools, transparency and privacy posture would have been much less restricted and the Social Media scene was about to explode as Facebook opened up to registration by anyone over 13 with an email address. It wasn’t (and perhaps still isn’t) widely understood what exactly was captured, from where it was being collected or why it is even done. But Schmidt knew. You would think that because of that relationship there was a lot of Google integration in the early iPhone, and Jobs must have investigated every aspect of Google.

At that time I remember having a positive attitude toward Google but I was disinterested and/or not informed about Apples (then) current products. Other than using a Macintosh and owning a Newton, the only Apple exposure I had was from 98-01 at Gateway Inc. developing was to compete with the (then) new iMac. Yes,the one with the translucent candy shells. I remember being heavily reliant on Google search for research and feel Google was once a company that was focused on the. User. Now it is focused on the users data.

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It doesn’t matter that (some of) it is being used for concepts that are ground breaking…like machine learning. And someday something awesome might come from all of the effort that Google has put into data collection. But they can’t escape the fact that they have used people’s privacy as the paper for which they wipe the ass of the machine.

Jason Yeaman’s answer to Steve Jobs said, “Outside of Search, Google’s products-Android, Google Docs-are shit.” Was this point objectively accurate? Is it true today? – Quora

Is Android ‘shit’ today? That depends. If you think Android is a mobile operating system deployed for the purpose of serving its user with support from its creator, then yes it is shit. Because Android was acquired to get Search on a mobile platform so Google could harvest data points wherever its device owner was 24/7. No more waiting for people to come to work to do all the Googling.

If you think Andy Rubin didn’t know what the hell he was doing dealing with Google in acquisition and probably doesn’t work at Google because he really did want Android to be a phone/mobile computer more and infrastructure for hanging advertisements less, then I think you would be more correct with that rather than the whole ‘android is for the user’

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