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Speed of the biometric security scanner

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Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the video is an iPhone 6, not an iPad (I went to public school) Added iPad video

I’ve seen some performance news trying to be created on the performance of how fast the Android based biometric security functions and kicks you to the springboard. I have personally witnessed this happen a few times, but can only provide 2 examples of it.First, I think is important to understand that the speed of the biometric sensor is really not a factor in real-life use…unless you sit around ‘biometric security-ing’ all day. I’m sure accuracy is more important than speed, but I will concede that quickness is expected.

Take for example, this 10 month only iPad Air 2. By most accounts old. Anything should be able to beat this thing if it was released within the past month:


I’m not sure what makes the iPhone the biometric security speed benchmark to beat, but the OnePlus2 (Flagship Killa!) calls out the iPhone in its specification sheet:

And here is a Huawei Mate review:

It has a fingerprint sensor that is rated as ‘worth having’. After having watched 60 or so examples of Android based biometric security ‘speed tests’ and not that it matters, but none of them are faster than the iPad example I created here:

But if you can’t compete on quality, performance, security and privacy…beat them at the fingerprint sensor speed.


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