Sarah Silverman gets owned on Twitter as Anonymous addresses Hillary Clinton

As Silverman memes about Bernie Sanders supporters being, ‘ridiculous’.


Dumb Facebook people
Occupy Democrats Meme fodder used for group-think on social media.

The Yucks just keep on rolling in, but this time the comedian isn’t Silverman, and like Silverman…it’s not funny.

Liberal darling, Sarah Silverman took to the back seat of her own verified Twitter account as Anonymous went for a drive, using it as a platform to remind Hillary Clinton of her transgressions against, ‘The Collective

In the video, Anonymous points out her lies, deceptions and the harm she has wrought on the American people, campaign contributions from the Qatari government and other unethical and almost immoral acts pertaining to campaign finance.

We see through the tricks, the lies and the games. We see through your psychological tactics, and we see your desire for power…regardless of the consequences. Your Machiavellian behavior. Your tendency to manipulate, deceive and destroy for personal gain is nothing new. Your master of the black arts of attack-politics is skillfully cloaked in the layers of deniability, but when you need money…as all candidates do….your imprudence bewilders even your most loyal supporters.


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