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Samsungs Note 8 spot with Dez Bryant is admittedly good. But why do they have to…

Simulate the screens and shorten sequences if the Note is so fast?

I am a Dallas Cowboys football fan. Sometimes this is difficult to admit. Any real Cowboy fan with an ounce of intellectual honesty comes to this conclusion after a qualitative pondering. I am also willing to admit that I am less of an NFL football fan than I ever have been in the past. This is irrespective of how well my team plays the game. I think a lot of people would say the same thing after witnessing the complete jackassery of the NFL as of late and the lack of gratitude from the employees of the Players Association.

The overall effort by Samsung in the release of the Note 8 is notably much more positive and…shall we stay…safer than previous Galaxy Note models. The Media releases have been positive and more product centric. The marketing on its website is more focused on the product itself rather than stereotyping the competitions user base.

So when Samsung marketing (which has been quite stupid in the past) came up with this funny, entertaining and even intelligent commercial spot, I have to give them props. They are well deserved.

But I will ask one question:

If the Note 8 is so bad-ass, why use simulated screens and shortened sequences?

Surely, with all the processor cores, the increased giga-rams and the ARM licensed GPU design effort, the Note 8 should be able to withstand a little real-time performance while in front of the camera sans microscopic unreadable disclaimers…no?

Do these make me look fat?

Microscopic unreadable disclaimers link

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