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Samsung plays that SameSong again | Gear Same Too

Analysts, investors and members of the peanut gallery still criticize the number of units sold as a fail when it comes to AppleWatch.

There is one group, however that believes the AppleWatch is a huge success.

Galaxy gear


Samsung Galaxy gear achieved moderate success in a very moderate way upon its initial release quarter.  Shipping about 500,000 units in its inaugural  quarter, Samsung proclaimed that metric a huge success.

Photo of Apple Watch and logo


AppleWatch in contrast,  sold about 4.2 million devices. Apple proclaimed  that sales had met expectations, but the naysayers and the anti-Apple rank-and-file  labeled the Apple Watch launch a failure. That the user interface looked like a child’s toy.

Samsung  is on the cusp of launching the Galaxy Gear Same-Too.  And  make no mistake. They believe that the AppleWatch is a huge success:


Gear S2
Samesong Galaxy Gear Same-Too

I am quite intrigued with their flip-flop on the bezel shape. And I am very optimistic that their design emulation group will ensure that applications and user interface guidelines will find a way to take full advantage of a corner-less environment.

Especially for these applications:

Watch comparison.
Here, here….over here and…


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