Reset all settings in iOS 8

In the Settings application under general, there is a section called reset that will allow you to accomplish a number of tasks:


Reset all settings will return all settings toggles that you had changed to the factory default.

Erase all content and settings will erase the device completely and return it to factory settings.

Reset network settings will remove all the Wi-Fi passwords that you have stored for any hotspots and force a carrier settings reload.

Reset keyboard dictionary will delete the library you have built through auto correct while typing.

Reset home screen layout will remove any applications from any folders and return the icon placement of all home screens to the factory default.

Reset location and privacy will remove any changes you have made to applications accessing any privacy settings and also reset any changes you have made that allow applications to access location data.

The important thing for iOS 8 users to consider is that using the reset all settings might delete all the files in the iCloud Drive. If you are not using iCloud drive it’s no big deal but for those of you that have adopted this awesome feature you might want to be careful when using the reset all settings function because of this bug.


The reset all settings function was designed to be a nondestructive way to troubleshoot the device by resetting all the settings back to factory default. But it seems that some users are reporting that their iCloud Drive files are being deleted.

I’m doing some investigating to see if it’s just the iCloud drive settings that are being removed and then users not being able to access their iCloud drive files because of that reason, but as of this moment it doesn’t seem that way.


If you didn’t know iCloud Drive works a lot like Google Drive or iDisk from way back in the day. You can drop any kind of file inside iCloud Drive and access it from your iPad your iPhone or your Mac.

I’ll update y’all as soon as possible on a solution to this issue

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