iOS 11 Live broadcast

ReplayKit framework in YouTube for iOS

Screen recording, Live Broadcast or both?

Youtube app for iOS gets ReplayKit

Live broadcasts are all the rage these days, but delivering the exact content you want on mobile devices can be difficult to configure, especially when you want to distribute content beyond what is captured by the camera sensors.

Today, ahead of the iOS 11 GM release, Apple approved an update submitted by Google for the YouTube app on iOS. The new version supports the framework that allows live streaming from a screen recording, which is a feature that will deploy in iOS 11.

ReplayKit framework description

Earlier in the iOS 11 beta cycle, the screen recording UI reflected terminology that leads one to speculate that Apple has at least considered screen recording live broadcasts, which would allow a mobile user on iOS to broadcast content – any content – that he or she can display on the screen. This differs from platforms like Facebook live which only broadcasts what can be seen by the camera.

iOS 11 Live broadcast

Apple has since reverted back to the “Start Recording” description as of iOS 11 beta 9.

I’m sure we will find out for sure on September 12th when Cupertino officially announces the new iPhone and iOS 11.


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