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Project fi

I signed up for Google’s Fi Project a few months ago, and was accepted last week. If they are finally getting to me, it’s a good bet that you have either signed up or declined. I finally got around to signing up today and wanted to share my experience with you.

First, let me confirm, that the data plans are indeed good. 1GB of data for $10 scaling to $80. The cool thing about Fi is if you do choose to go with a higher capacity data plan and use less, you will get credit back for the same amount you paid: $10 per 1GB.Fi droid donut

Not too shabby.

Sign up

Google said they sent me an invite last week, and I didn’t respond. Checking my email on vacation today, they sent me a reminder and warned me of my insolence. They also said that any future similar behavior, would not be tolerated.

I nervously nodded my head, and using my iPad, I quickly proceeded to the sign up page, via the link they sent me.

Fi Frey of fail

Fi Fie Fo Fail

Desktop request for iPad airMy initial attempt to make contact was met with a Goog-ality. Confusion and doubt immediately set in. I can’t use a mobile device to sign up for mobile service and buy a mobile phone? Is the Fi support page the same way? Will I not be able to contact support on my Fi-Phone? Why is a portable computer holding a saw? Why does Google use a graphic of a portable and contextually reference the requirement for a desktop? Why do they imply a mobile computer is not a computer? Did Schmidt, Page and Brin design this together?

Luckily, I was on an iPad Air 2. I also happen to be on iOS 9 beta 2. This is not your average mobile device, so I advanced, ignoring the warning, tempting fate and inviting danger to accompany me in my quest…for Fi.

The interrogation begins…

Google account









Now, I have bought-en things from the PlayStore before. Other devices. Nexuses and what not. So I thought this might be some kind of trick. Obviously I used these creds to sign up for Fi. So I wanted to see if I had another Google account that they knew about, but I didn’t. So I chose change account…

Google account

I knew it! It was a trick. Then I started to wonder if it was a trick-trick. What if they just put that there for me because they knew I would choose to change accounts even though I didn’t have one to change to….hmmm….

Anyway, they question just got harder from there.

Fi zip code

They started asking me questions where the answers consisted of 5 digit numbers. That could be like… almost a brazillion. The eerie thing was, it was already filled out for me. I thought about changing it…like last question, but they would probably be expecting that. So I played it cool, and left it the way it was. This time I would be providing the tricks…(no…not those kind, silly)

Then they asked me if I wanted to convert my Google voice number into a new cell phone number. I thought this was a good idea for them to ask. I would imagine many people use their GV number. I don’t. I forgot I even had one. So I checked my gmail account and there were 321 voice mails for someone named Fiorneena. I was going to go the Google Voice route at first, but now…I think I’ll just get a new number. They gave me an option between 2 Area Codes, and I picked the one with the highest numerical value.

Data Plans

This is where Google is very competitive. It is also very simple. In the past 7 years I have used 2 carriers. AT&T, and TMO. I fired AT&T mid contract last July and waited a few months for the iPhone 6 to rollout and am now with TMO. The Fi data plan matrix is affordable for everyone, but really kills the competition in the low throughput tiers. They are also unique because the plans step up equally in one digit denominations and each step up is the same price…$10.00, That’s about as straight forward as it gets.

I like that.

i also like that if I did choose a higher tier and used less, I would be compensated for that full block of unused data at the 1GB count…$10.00.

I really like that.

Handset Choices

There were no choices. There was only one selection:

Nexus 6

I had to go with a Jokerola phone. While I appreciate the un-carrier pricing option, I don’t think I’m ready to slum with a manufacturer that even Google threw in the garbage just a few months after acquisition. That, compounded by being acquired by Lenovo after they found Mot in Google’s garbage, that pretty much made up my mind.

No deal.

I wonder if Fi will eventually take unlocked non-android handsets in the future? Who knows?

Fi Privacy Policy

More Google BS unfortunately. I had read that Fi was going to be much more restrictive in how Google uses private data. This is not accurate. Not only does the Fi privacy policy reference the Google privacy policy, it also allows for more data gathering ala AT&T with the ECPNI marketing.

After all that simple during the SignUp:



Fi terms



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