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Pixar and Kahn Academy team up to teach storytelling | Education

Got kids? Homeschooling? Here is some great curriculum for you to add to your repertoire.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find creative ways to teach your kids something new. Here is something that may help you along if your kids are interested in art and animation. It comes from 2 of the best in the combined business of art and education: Pixar and Kahn Academy.

From The Next Web:

‘The Art of Storytelling’ will feature lessons from a stellar lineup of Pixar artists from the likes of Monsters, Inc. director Pete Docter, Brave director Mark Andrews, as well as Ratatouille animator Sanjay Patel.

While the first episode is available now, the animation giant will be releasing six more lessons throughout the rest of the year. To “take students of all ages through the concepts of storytelling,” the lessons will be comprised of videos, exercises and various hands-on activities.

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So head on over to Kahn Academy, and get your kids started on the art of story telling.

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