One Mobile LLC And MetroPCS | The $16.02 Fail

If they won’t provide Customer service on a $16.02 cable…

Zack you failed







How can you trust them on $200 cell phone?

One of the things businesses should pride themselves on is CS. Customer service is so important. It is what people buy on. It is what people talk about…and it is what people write about.

That is what this issue is about. I wasn’t a Metro PCS customer until yesterday, when I stopped in their Roy, Utah store and bought a mini-USB cable. That was when our relationship started. Our relationship ended today.

This is the short and sad story of why I will never patronize, recommend or refer anyone to Metro PCS, any of its affiliates or its so-called ‘Authorized Dealers’.

First the good stuff…

I spoke with 2 different people in this episode. Both were incredibly nice and polite. Ms. Coronado representing One Mobile LLC, and ‘Paula’ (from Metro PCS corporate) were both cordial and professional and I found it a shame that I had to waste their time on such a small issue…until I realized neither of them could help me.

Neither could answer my questions nor were they able to conform to their own policies without help from ‘supervisors’, but those are training issues and neither should be faulted for that.

Easy bullshiznickle

The bad stuff…

Here is the rub…you never know who is going to walk through that door. That’s why you provide everyone…everyone with an excellent customer service experience.

Now, Zack Caldwell probably didn’t know who was going to walk through that door. He was the supervisor who decided not to comply with the Metro PCS authorized dealer return policy you can read here.

It’s pretty plain and simple. Since some of you, like me, went to public school…here is the excerpt in a screen cap:

Metro pcs failure







It plainly states the following:

  • The accessory must be returned to the original place of purchase:

I complied with this, returning the cable to 5451 S. 1900 W. building. I would recommend that no one within the reach of this news article should ever patronize this establishment. 

  • The accessory must be in ‘like-new’ condition with the original packaging and receipt:

Zack you failed










There ya go. I did all of that. Still, to no avail. This is why I cannot recommend MetroPCS to anyone for any reason at any time. Not only is the management poor and can’t seem to read, but their staff is untrained and seemingly doesn’t have the capability to make the right decision to service their customer despite the corporate ‘policy’ on returns in plain sight on the web.

The Golden Package

You may or may not remember the FEDEX commercial from back in the early 1990’s about the golden package. It has a statement about how to treat customers that MetroPCS, OneMobile LLC and ‘Zack Caldwell’ could all learn from. Put plainly, you never know who might walk through that door and be your customer…so treat everyone who walks through that door, like you want them to come back.

Treat everyone…like a customer.



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